north carolina grandma shooting
(Photo by WSOC-TV)

A North Carolina grandma who shot and killed a man inside the business she owns has been cleared of any wrongdoing by the local district attorney.

A statement from Cabarrus District Attorney Roxann Vaneekhoven says the incident occurred on Nov. 30 when Sarah Shoe, the owner of Sarah’s Pet Spa in Concord, N.C., fired a single shot that killed 39-year-old DeShawn Tatem after he “forcefully and unlawfully” entered her business and started attacking her boyfriend Christopher Gray while her two grandchildren were present.

Tatem was known as “The General” in a religious group called The Yahshua Movement. The group had rented space near Sarah’s Pet Spa, and Tatem was arguing with Gray over a water bill, ABC affiliate WSOC-TV reports. Shoe and Gray told Tatem to leave the business over a dozen times. Initially he refused to comply, but when Shoe pulled a gun on him, he took off. Shoe then put the gun down and dialed 911.

Tatem soon returned along with at least two other men and started yelling and banging on the store window. Gray moved to lock the front door, opening it part way to tell Tatem and his accomplices to leave.

“I’m the General from Virginia, you don’t know who you just f***** with.  I make one phone call and I’ll have an army down here,” Tatem reportedly replied.

That’s when Gray says Tatem grabbed him and shoved him up against the wall inside the business and started punching him in the face and head. By this time, Shoe had re-armed herself. She pointed her firearm at Tatem and told him to stop assaulting Gray. Shoe says Tatem told her repeatedly to shoot him. He then started coming towards her. With her two grandchildren by her side, she opened fire, killing Tatem.

During an interview with police, Gray said, ““When he grabbed me and pushed me into the shop and started hitting me, and I realized there were more people out there, I think she truly saved my life.” During her call to 911, Shoe said, “He was attacking my boyfriend, I didn’t have a choice.”

Vaneekhoven has ruled the shooting to be justified and won’t be pressing charges against Shoe.

“After meeting with officers who investigated this case, and reviewing the facts, statements of all witnesses, a 911 call made by Ms. Shoe, crime scene photos, physical evidence, and the law as it relates to the ‘Castle Doctrine’ and self-defense, the Cabarrus County District Attorney’s Office will not be pursuing criminal charges against Sarah Shoe for the incident that occurred inside her business on November 30, 2017,” Vaneekhoven statement reads.

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