The reality is that there are bad people doing bad things to women every day. Unfortunately, the physical size and power difference between a male attacker and a woman is too great for the victim to overcome the majority of the time. That is, without the proper help. There are several options for personal defense on the market today to fit the needs of nearly anyone. From simple and relatively safe to use to life-ending stopping power, these six personal defense products can help you get you out of a dangerous situation and back home safely.

TigerLady Claw: This device doesn’t have any batteries or tricky operating proceducers. You keep it in your hand while you’re traveling or jogging alone. When confronted and ultimately attacked, just squeeze your hand into a fist to expose the three pointed claws and scratch away. Every time you make contact with an attacker’s skin, you’ll do severe damage. (

Pepper Spray: No matter what name you see on the canister, find one that has the highest concentration of tear-producing, eye-burning ingredients. Always have the trigger unlocked and the canister in your hand when walking anywhere alone or in the dark. If someone enters your personal space, blast the spray directly into their eyes and nose and run away.

Personal Alarm: They say to yell “Fire!” when you are being attacked. Easier said than done when you are in shock, have your mouth covered by your attacker or in the process of fighting for your life. Let a personal alarm alert others for you. At the onset of danger, just pull the pin out of the pocket-sized unit and a high decibel, ear-blasting alarm will sound to alert others of your situation.

Stun Gun: Fry your attacker with electricity from your handheld stun gun. It won’t work in your purse, or uncharged, so be ready when danger shows its face. Aim for bare skin to utilize its full power.

Pocket-Sized Knife: Simple and concealable, a knife can cause your attacker considerable physical damage if used properly. But just having a knife on you is not enough. You must be trained to properly use it when your life is at stake, and preventing it from being taken away from you during a confrontation. Once proficient, you will have an edge against those thinking that you are defenseless.

Concealed Handgun: Train and know how to use a handgun long before you step out onto the streets. The finality of using such a weapon against an attacker can have long-term mental, physical and even legal repercussions. That being said, once you are fully trained, you will be a force to be reckoned with by anyone out to do you harm.

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