Ruger is ending the year with a bang—no pun intended, ok, pun kind of intended—by unleashing a whole mess of new models on an unsuspecting public. These guns represent the latest additions to the Ruger SP101, GP100, Redhawk, 10/22, and No.1 product lines. Ready? Here goes.

First up, the compact, stainless SP101 is now being offered in .327 Federal Magnum, which Ruger says “approximates” the .357 Magnum’s performance while allowing for an increased capacity to six rounds. This wheelgun sports a three-inch barrel, fixed sights and a cushioned rubber grip along with engraved wood panels. MSRP: $749.

Next, the Ruger GP100 lineup has expanded with three new seven-round models in .357 magnum. The three models are available in 2.50-inch, 4.20-inch, and 6-inch barrels, and all boast one-piece rubber grips with hardwood inserts, fiber optic front and adjustable rear sights. The MSRP on each is $899.

Another new gun on tap is the iconic Ruger Redhawk with sleeve and shroud barrels. The presser says the barrel sleeves are cold hammer-forged by Ruger, while the sleeve and shroud barrel assembly offers “tight tolerance control.” The new Redhawks come in 4.20-inch and 5.50-inch barrel lengths. The cylinders are un-fluted and boast an eight-round capacity in .357 Magnum. The MSRP here is $1079.

In the Rifle department, the 10/22 can now be bought with a factory-installed Weaver 3-9×40 scope that features a Dual-X reticle. The gun is blued, and has an 18-inch barrel and black synthetic stock. It’s packed in a Ruger hard case that measures under 48 inches in length.

Also new in the 10/22 lineup is the 10/22 Target Lite which features a black laminate thumbhole stock; cold hammer-forged barrel tensioned in a black anodized aluminum alloy barrel sleeve; and a BX trigger. Meanwhile, the stock has a rollover comb, flat forend and installed swivel studs. MSRP: $649.

Finally, the famous No. 1 Sporter is now available in .450 Marlin. This rifle features a short 20-inch barrel mated to the short, single-shot No. 1 action, resulting in a rifle that, according to Ruger, is quick-handling and easy to carry. MSRP: $1499.

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