san antonio popeyes shooting

Another day, another case of a good guy with a gun taking down a bad guy. This latest one comes out of San Antonio, where a father shot and killed an armed robber at a Popeyes restaurant in defense of his family.

Fox San Antonio Reports that 32-year-old Carlos Molina sat down to eat with his family at the Popeyes at around 8:30 p.m. last Wednesday when Andres Herrera, 19, walked in and pointed a handgun at him. Herrera demanded cash, but Molina told him he didn’t have any because he used it to buy the meal for the family. He then asked if Herrera would allow his family to leave the restaurant.

According to NBC-affiliate WOAI, Herrera agreed to the request, and Molina’s wife and two of his children left the Popeyes. Herrera then started threatening the employees and demanding money. As this was happening, however, two more of Molina’s children came out of the bathroom, prompting Herrera to point his firearm at them.

That’s when Molina pulled out a gun of his own and opened fire, shooting Herrera several times and killing him.

Police have confirmed that Molina is legally licensed to carry a firearm and have classified the shooting as being in defense of a third person. Thus, he’s not going to face any charges.

“He really saved the day and protected a lot of people today,” San Antonio Police Department Captain Michael Starnes told the San Antonio Express-News.

“He found himself within a situation to where his life was threatened,” Douglas Greene, a public information officer with the San Antonio Police Department, told KSAT. “Here in the state of Texas, if you are in fear of loss of life, loss of property, you have a right to defend yourself.”


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