Handgun optics burst onto the scene in the 80s. While many were excited about new aiming tools for their favorite handguns, they left a lot to be desired.

The early units were large and often ungainly, plagued by battery technology that was inefficient at best.

Luckily for us, advancements in red dot sights moved along at the pace of the information age. Those early models were rapidly eclipsed by advancements in the battery, glass, and head’s up display realms. And, like your computer and paycheck, they seem to be getting smaller with each passing day.

Today, RDS have gone beyond the world of competition and are finding their way into concealed carry scenarios.

In the gallery above are a few handgun optics that caught our eye in the past year. We think you should give them some serious consideration for your race or EDC rig.

For more information about the handgun optics featured in the gallery above, please visit the following sites.

Sig Sauer Romeo1 1x30mm

Trijicon RMR Type 2

Burris FastFire 3

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro

Bushnell First Strike

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