Burris is one of the premier names in optics, and rightfully so. The manufacturer’s vast line of scopes speaks for itself.

The Burris Veracity Riflescope is perhaps the most “easy-to-use” scope on the Burris menu.

Burris brought its Veracity to the recent Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous in Gateway, Colo. We thought, “How do we demonstrate just how easy this is to use?”

So we put one of our “noob” shooters behind the riflescope to see what he could do. At 350 yards, the results were surprisingly impressive: Not a single miss.

“I’m without a doubt the ‘rookie’ shooter on our team. And by ‘rookie,’ I mean worst,” says Athlon Outdoors Director of Digital Content, Matthew Hogan. “It’s not like 350 yards is a ridiculous shot for more seasoned shooters, but for me it’s like a two-mile shot. The Veracity Riflescope turned it into a joke. I was on target every single shot.”

Watch the video above to see the Veracity in action.

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Burris Veracity Features

A 5-times zoom system that provides a wide field of view and powerful ranging.

The front focal plane reticle design allows accurate computation of distances at any magnification. It also provides both trajectory and windage reference points.

Accurate and repeatable quarter-MOA adjustments allow for fine-tuning.

A side-adjustable parallax lets shooters instantly correct parallax while maintaining shooting position.

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