florida shootout Luismil Hernandez
Luismil Hernandez
(Photo by Orange County Jail)

A Florida shootout between a 70-year-old homeowner and two 18-year-old home invaders ended with one suspect in the morgue, another in handcuffs and the good guy in the hospital recovering from multiple gunshot wounds.

ClickOrlando says it all started when Luismil Hernandez and Gerald Anderson arrived at a home in Orange County last Wednesday at around 5 p.m. Surveillance footage captured Hernandez handing Anderson a gun before the two kicked down the front door, tripping the alarm in the process.

The homeowner, Juan Jose Caraballo, immediately grabbed his .45-caliber handgun and went to investigate the source of the commotion. He eventually discovered Anderson in one of the bedrooms, and a shootout ensued between the two.

Caraballo was shot in the arm, chest and lower abdomen. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Caraballo’s wife found him bleeding profusely and crawling on the ground near the front door when she arrived home from work that day. He was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center, where he is currently in stable condition.

Authorities followed a trail of blood from the front door to the bedroom, where they found Anderson dead. He had been shot twice in the chest and once in the leg. He was also holding a .40-caliber Glock handgun in his hand.

Hernandez, meanwhile, managed to escape through a back door. Police arrested him a couple of days later after searching through Anderson’s Facebook account, finding a photo of Hernandez and comparing it to a still from surveillance footage at the home, ClickOrlando reported.

Hernandez has been charged with armed burglary and first-degree murder. He is being held without bail in Orange County Jail. Under Florida law, he is responsible for Anderson’s death.


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