Full Conceal, the Vegas-based company that made waves last fall when it unveiled its folding Glock 19 pistol, has just announced its M3G43 folding single-stack semi-auto model.

Built on the subcompact single-stack 9mm Glock platform, the Full Conceal M3G43 sports a cell phone footprint and can be easily carried in a pant pocket with zero printing, or in virtually any bag, purse or backpack. It measures 3.25 inches in overall height when folded, and is 6.25 inches in length when folded. The width is just 1.02 inches.

The M3G43 unfolds to a full-size grip and offers up a 12+1 capacity, eliminating the issues of round capacity and grip size typically found in subcompact models.

According to the presser, all the factory Glock parts are untouched during the modification, including the firing pin safety and dry safety. The only mods made her are Full Conceal’s folding mechanism and folding trigger safety. The gun also has a thin metal trigger guard specifically contoured to reduce the gap between the middle and trigger finger. The trigger itself is flat-faced and offers positive contact between the trigger finger and trigger face with a break point just before 90 degrees and breaking just past 90 degrees, providing most leverage at the break which thereby boosts accuracy and allows for rapid follow-ups, the company says.

“We are excited to introduce the M3 folding semi-auto platform to the subcompact Glock 43 model,” Full Conceal CEO and founder Mike Full said in the press release. “The Glock 43 is so popular because of its very compact size and thinness. Full Conceal takes the subcompact to an smaller form factor and maximizes the firepower.”

MSRP here is MSRP: $1,399. The gun will be making its debut at SHOT Show 2018 next week.

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Full Conceal M3G43 Specs

  • Base Model: Glock 43
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Mag Capacity: 13 Rounds (12 + 1)
  • Height Folded: 3.25″
  • Length Folded: 6.25″
  • Width: 1.02″
  • MSRP: $1,399

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