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A Georgia mayor is mad as hell and isn’t gonna take it anymore. He’s encouraging local residents to go out and buy a gun for protection after his city has been hit with a series of murders in recent weeks.

The Macon Telegraph says three homicides have occurred in the city of Warner Robins, Ga. over the past two weeks. One of the victims was a public works employee for the city, while the other two were workers at a convenience store and restaurant who were killed as a result of armed robberies.

During a press conference discussing the crimes, Mayor Randy Toms mulled asking City Council members to reverse a law that prevents city employees from arming themselves while on the job or in city vehicles. He also said residents should get a carry permit and go out for some training on how to properly use a gun.

“I would encourage more citizens to make the effort to receive a carry permit and take any available safety classes on carrying and using weapons,” Toms stated during the press conference, according to WMAZ.

“We need to stand up for our city and let those criminal-minded individuals know that we will fight for the safety of our community and the safety of our families, and we are serious about it,” Toms added.

Councilman Mike Davis, a retired city firefighter, signaled his support for lifting the ban, despite any “reservations” he may have.

“I’m dang tired of being a sitting duck,” he said. “It’s time that we took back our community, and whatever it takes I’m going to support.”

A vote to allow city workers to carry guns could take place as soon as Feb. 5, the Telegraph reported.

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