A 9-year-old boy pointed a pellet gun at a would-be carjacker, sparking off a high-speed chase that ended with the suspect being placed in handcuffs the day after Christmas.

According to NBC affiliate WTHR, Kevin Cooksey drove up to One Stop Express in Kokomo, Ind. and entered the store to grab some ibuprofen for his wife, leaving his son Larry Larimore in the truck with the engine running.

While Larry waited for his father to return, a stranger suddenly opened the door in an attempt to steal the truck. Fortunately, Larry knew exactly what to do with the carjacking suspect.

“As soon as he opened the door, I got scared,” Larry told WTHR. “So I pulled out the pellet gun and pointed it to his head.”

The sight of the pellet gun aiming at his head spooked the man, who then exited the truck and went to the next car down: a black TrailBlazer owned by Kyle Sparling.

Sparling was inside the store at the time, and the man drove off in the TrailBlazer.

“I didn’t know what to think, I just kind of ran outside and watched him,” said Sparling.

Cooksey told Sparling to get in his truck, and the two—along with Larry—gave chase to the suspect while they called the police. The chase reached a speed of around 70 miles per hour.

“It was doing donuts, zig zags, almost flipped,” Larry said.

“I thought he was going to come back at me,” Cooksey said. “I thought I was going to have to dodge a moving car with my 9 year old son in the truck.”

The suspect eventually crashed the TrailBlazer after a couple of miles. Responding authorities arrested the suspect after the crash.

“I was just glad he didn’t wreck into anybody,” Sparling said. “That was my biggest fear, I think.”


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