Kimber has announced plans to open up a new manufacturing facility in Alabama. The new facility, which will be located in the city of Troy, will enable the Yonkers, N.Y.-based company to double its production capacity.

“Due to an unprecedented year-over-year growth in demand, every time the company has embarked upon a planned expansion, the newly created capacity is exhausted before the expansion is complete,” Kimber CFO James Cox said in a press release. “As we continue to move into uncharted waters in regards to Kimber product demand, it was important to us to build a facility that will allow us to secure a significant new plateau of capacity.”

“We are pleased with the impressive track record that Alabama has with attracting and retaining world-class manufacturing companies,” President and CEO Leslie Edelman added. “Growing our company intelligently depends significantly on being in the right manufacturing environment, and in Troy, we have a community dedicated to our long-term success. Working with the Alabama Department of Commerce as well as Mayor Jason Reeves and his team has been a pleasurable and rewarding experience.”

“We will be building a large, automated, state-of-the-art design engineering and manufacturing facility in Troy to support Kimber’s growth plan and strategy,” COO Greg Grogan said. “Troy offers us expansion with a passionate workforce, affordable utility costs, a pro-business environment, experienced local training support, and long-term incentives from the State of Alabama and the City of Troy alike. This expansion, in conjunction with our existing manufacturing facilities, talented and experienced employees, and best-in-class products provides for exciting times here at Kimber.”

According to, Kimber will invest $38 million in the new facility, creating 366 jobs over the next five years.

“This is a dream come true for the City of Troy and for me personally; a firearms manufacturing company with such a stellar brand as Kimber, creating jobs and capital investment for the community,” said Troy Mayor Jason Reeves said. “Troy has a strong manufacturing base and Kimber will certainly, positively add to that.”

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