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(Photo by Instagram/buzaidgt)

We here at Personal Defense World like to keep our readers up to date on the latest news, reviews and products in the realm of self defense. And sometimes we just like to show you cool videos. This would fall under the latter, although we suppose if you’re looking for a concealed carry pistol, it doesn’t get more concealable than this.

Bear with us, as there’s little to go on, but an Instagram user who goes by the name “buzaidgt” put up a video over the weekend showing what has to be one of the smallest guns ever created. Small as in it makes the North American Arms Bug Out Box mini-revolver look positively gargantuan in comparison. This thing is barely big enough to be held with three fingers.

The video, posted without comment, shows a person dropping a round directly into the chamber of the gun and then firing on what looks appears to be a piece of foam. Reaction from the Instagram community was varied, but largely positive.

“Wow where can i get one for my #EDC,” one Instagram user commented.

“Where can i order this. I want it,” another chimed in.

“Where the hell do you find those things,” yet another said.

Ridiculous? Perhaps. Inventive? You bet. Would we want to be on the business end of it? Absolutely not. Watch the video below of what is probably one of the world’s smallest guns and see for yourself.

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