New fits are now available for the DeSantis Kingston car seat holster, the New York-based company has revealed.

The DeSantis Kingston holster secures to the front edge of any car seat and is positioned the user’s legs. This, the company says, enables quick and easy access to a firearm. The holster straps onto the base of the seat via an adjustable nylon strap which is included. The materials used in the design are durable and will hold up under prolonged use and changing weather conditions, DeSantis claims. In addition, the holster features an ambidextrous design, so it’ll work whether you’re right-handed or a southpaw.

For added versatility, the DeSantis Kingston can be detached from the strap and worn as an IWB holster. The carrier part of the holster is based on DeSantis’ Pro-Stealth IWB. Furthermore, the front of the Kingston sports an integrated mag pouch.

“Carjackers have a new enemy: the DeSantis Kingston Car Seat Holster,” the presser states. “When danger lurks, there’s no worse feeling than being unable to access your weapon. An unsecured, loaded gun in a glovebox is not a safe solution when travelling by car; neither is wearing your gun. Imagine losing precious seconds working through the tangles of your seatbelt in order to draw.”

DeSantis says its Kingston holster can accommodate guns from the likes of Glock, Sig, Heckler & Koch, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Colt, Kahr, Kimber, Beretta, Taurus and Walther. See the full rundown below.

MSRP on the DeSantis Kingston is $59.99. For more information, visit

 DeSantis Kingston Car Seat Holster Fits

  • Colt Officer; Glock 42, 43; Kahr 9MM/40CAL; KLTC P11/P40, PF9; Kimber Ultra Carry; Ruger LC9; SIG P290; SCCY CPX-1, CPX-2; S/A EMP; BRT Nano
  • Glock 26,27; Taurus PT111/140 G2; S&W M&P CPT 9/40, Shield 9/40/45, M&P CPT 22; SIG P239, P320SC; Ruger SR9/40 CPT; Walther PPS, PK380, CCP; S/A XDS 3.3″
  • Fits most large frame, double action semi-autos up to a 4″ barrel
  • Most long, single action pistols similar to Colt Government Model 45, Browning P35, Kimbers with 4″-5″ barrels
  • Fits most medium autos
  • Fits most small revolvers
  • Kahr PM9, PM40 w/ Crimson Trace LG-437 Laserguard; Ruger LC9 LG-412, LC9 w/ LaserMax; SIG P290 w/ Laser
  • Glock 26 & 27 CT LG-436; S&W M&P Shield W/ LG-489 R&G, w/LaserMax, M&P Shield M2.0 w/Integrated Laser; Glock 43 W/LG443 (Red), LG443 (Green)
  • H&K P2000SK, P30SK, VP9SK; Springfield XD9, XD40 3″, .45 MOD 2 3.3″, XDE 3.3″ 9MM & .45
  • Beretta 9000S, PX4, APX; S&W M&P 9, 40/45C; H&K USP CPT P2000; Ruger P97, KP345; SIG 220R, 226R, 229R, 320C, 250C; S/A XD 4″, XDM 3.8″; Taurus PT 24/7

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