In case you haven’t heard, Full Conceal makes folding Glock pistols. In the video below, they demonstrate part of the process of creating a folding Glock 23 Gen3.

Basically the concept is to give you the benefits of a full-size pistol—it comes with a Magpul 21-round magazine—while maximizing concealment with its cell phone footprint.

The Vegas-based company kicked things off last fall with its folding Glock 19. It followed that up shortly thereafter by introducing a folding G43. Now Full Conceal is offering a gunsmith service that converts your factory Gen3 and Gen4 Glock 19/23/25/32/38 into a Full Conceal M3D configuration.

Full Conceal M3D Folding Glock Conversion

The process is simple. Once you order the conversion option, Full Conceal sends you a shipment package. The package includes a box and protective wrapping for the frame and a prepaid USPS shipping label. You then box up and ship out the frame.  Full Conceal describes what happens next:

Upon receiving your frame, we inspect and take pictures to send to you so you know how the frame arrived prior to the M3D conversion.  We then use a CNC machine mill to accurately cut your frame, grip, and make room for the latch and folding trigger. Then by-hand, we meticulously remove all the plastic fuzz and sand down any sharp edges (using razor blades and sandpaper).  We replace your factory Glock trigger shoe with our proprietary folding trigger shoe (aluminum), add hinges (steel) to grip, add the latch mechanism (aluminum), and add the folding trigger guard (steel/aluminum). We essentially custom fit all the parts, have our Quality Assurance Department check it, photograph it finished, and send it back to you.


While the Full Conceal M3D comes with a Magpul 21-round magazine that, when folded, sits flush with the front of the pistol, the conversion option does not. But the company says all factory and 3rd party Glock mags are compatible. The rule of thumb is that any mag that is the same size or larger in height than what your Glock originally came with will work:

For example, in the case of the Glock 19 (9mm), the standard magazine is the 15-round (or 10-round in some states), therefore, any magazine of equal or greater height (mag body wise) will be compatible such as a Magpul 21-round or a Factory Glock 33-round magazine. In the case of 9mm, the Magpul 21-round magazine is the maximum height for maximum round capacity while still being self-indexing.  

Note: Remember that the M3D is design to have the magazine go up (to make a rectangle) and will stop at the base plate of the magazine (so even if you have a mag-well extender), it will still stop at the top of that base-plate.  Therefore, if you want to have more capacity and want to make a rectangle footprint, you need to get a magazine with the mag-body that is long (ie – a Magpul 21-round magazine or Factory Glock 33-round magazine)

The Full Conceal M3D conversion can be had for $749.

Folding Glock 23 Gen3

Check out the video below to see a Glock 23 .40 S&W get converted. For more, visit

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