Gun Pro, a company based out of St. Louis, has unveiled its new Delta 1 sights for Sig Sauer and Springfield XD pistols.

According to the press release, Delta 1 sights offer up fast target acquisition via Gun Pro’s patented and “intuitive” single point alignment system. The design also provides an open sight picture and panoramic view. This allows for simple and accurate shot placement at a still or moving target in IPSC, IDPA and hunting. It’ll also deliver the goods in concealed carry and self-defense applications.

“We’re excited to offer Delta 1 Sights, with their superb open sight picture and lightning fast sight alignment, to an entirely new group of firearms enthusiasts. We are confident that our sights will revolutionize the sight market,” Greg Wittner, Gun Pro’s Director of Sales, said in the presser.

The Delta 1 sight lineup also includes offerings for Smith & Wesson M&P, 1911, and Glock pistols.

For more information about the Delta 1 Sight and other Gun Pro products, go to

Gun Pro Delta 1 Sights Key Features

  • Open Sight Picture
  • Single Point Alignment
  • Quicker Target Acquisition
  • Daylight, Low Light and Dark Visibility With Photo-Luminescent Acrylic Rear Sight

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