The internet gives us easy access to a wealth of information on literally any topic about which we wish to learn. Sadly, some have not taken advantage of this convenient tool. Case in point: the gun control advocates interviewed by “Nuance Bro” in the video above.

Who Is “Nuance Bro”?

But first, some context. “Nuance Bro” is a growing YouTube personality who attends various rallies and asks protestors basic questions about the issues they’re protesting. Like his name suggests, his goal seems to be to create some “nuance,” getting past catchy soundbites and challenging beliefs in the process.

In this video, watch as he takes on gun control advocates in Los Angeles, dispelling myths and introducing some “nuance” regarding the minimum age for rifle buys; gun show loophole; uses for an AR-15; “assault rifles” vs. semi-automatic handguns; crime rates; gun laws in other countries; purpose of the Second Amendment; and much more.

It’s a fascinating, and very revealing, look at one particular gun control rally. We won’t extrapolate any further than that, except to say that it’s important to do the research.

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