The Crimson Trace Laserguard series has proven enormously popular, so it was only a matter of time before the company started offering a Laserguard for one of the hottest pistols out there right now: the Sig Sauer P320. Meet the red LG-420 and green LG-420G Laserguard.

These laser sights are designed to fit precisely onto the Sig P320’s trigger guard and lower accessory rail. According to the press release, they sport a “noticeable series of slots on the exterior” which match the P320’s forward and rear slide surfaces. They also come with a battery cap that can be easily opened, enabling the user to change the battery without disconnecting the Laserguard from the Sig P320.

Speaking of the battery, both models run on a one 1/3N Lithium or two 357 Silver Oxide batteries. The laser battery life for the LG-420 is four hours. The LG-420G lasts for two hours.

The size of the laser for both models is around .50 inches at 50 feet.

As with all the other Laserguards, the LG-420 and LG-420G feature Crimson Trace’s Instinctive Activation technology. This ensures the laser is activated when holding the gun in a normal firing grip. These models also boast elevation and windage adjustments. In addition, the LG-420G has a master on-off switch. A

Covered by Crimson Trace’s Free Batteries for Life program, these lasers “fit the Sig Sauer P320, also known as the M17 full-size and M18 compact size pistols,” Crimson Trace says.

MSRP on the LG-420 red laser sight is $229. The LG-420G is priced a little higher at $309. See the specs below.

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Crimson Trace LG-420 & LG420G For Sig P320

  • Product Type: Laserguard
  • Material: Polymer
  • Color: Black
  • Activation Location: Front Activation
  • Attachment: Trigger Guard
  • Battery Type: One 1/3N Lithium or Two 357 Silver Oxide Batteries
  • Finish: Polymer Housing with Rubber Overmold Activation Pad
  • Installation: User Installed
  • Master On/Off Switch: Yes (Green)
  • Laser Battery Life: Over Four Hours (Red), Over Two Hours (Green)
  • Activation Mode: Pressure Activated
  • Sighting: Factory Sighted at 50′
  • User Adjustable: Windage and Elevation
  • Warranty: Three Year Full Warranty
  • Wrench Size: 0.05
  • Dot Size: Approx. 0.50″ at 50′

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