When any major new gun gets introduced into the marketplace, holster companies usually announce fits for it shortly thereafter. That’s exactly the case with Galco, which is now offering a slate of holsters designed to accommodate the newly-released Ruger Security-9 pistol.

Security-9 Holsters

In a press release, Galco confirmed that no less than 10 of its inside-the-waistband holsters will now fit the Security-9. These holsters include the CorvusKingTukKingTuk AirN3ScoutSkyOpsStow-N-GoSummer ComfortV-Hawk and WalkAbout designs. The company also said in a separate presser its Miami Classic and Miami Classic II shoulder holsters would work with the gun.

In addition to those offerings, multiple belt holstersmagazine carriersholster handbags and day planner holsters are available for the Security-9.

Security-9 Basics

First announced back in December, the Ruger Security-9 is a mid-sized pistol built for everyday carry and self defense. The gun is chambered in 9mm and uses a 15-round, double-stack magazine. It sports an easy-to-rack blued, through-hardened alloy steel slide; short, crisp trigger pull; drift adjustable 3-dot sights; and an ergonomic glass-filled nylon grip frame with an integral accessory rail;

The Security-9 also features a four-inch barrel; tips the scales at 23.7 ounces with an empty magazine; measures 7.24 inches in overall length and five inches in height. The pistol uses the same Secure Action as the LCP II, which is derived from a hammer-fired LCP fire control system.

To learn about all the holsters available for the Ruger Security-9, visit

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