JM4 Tactical has rolled out a new concealed carry rig that blends leather with the molded polymer known as Boltaron. The holster is called “Relic,” which is short for Reliable, Easy, Light, Individual, Carry.

JM4 Tactical Relic Holster

According to the press release, the Relic holster takes the Boltaron polymer and sews Hermann Oak Grade A U.S. Steer hide to the interior of the shell. Consequently, this protects the gun’s finish from plastics. It also allows for quiet drawing and re-holstering. JM4 says it uses a “proprietary holster forming technology” that allows these two “otherwise incompatible materials” to be combined into a durable gun holster.

“We have determined 3 major issues with traditional plastic holsters: deformation and cracking due to extreme temperatures, damage to the firearm due to the hard plastic, and they are just rather loud when holstering and unholstering the firearm. The Relic Holster solves all of these problems,” JM4 co-owner Chad Myers said.

The Relic is available in four different models, including Appendix, Tuckable IWB, Paddle and Hybrid. All four holsters can accommodate handguns from heavy hitters like Glock, Beretta, Ruger, Colt, HK, Sig, Smith & Wesson and others. Furthermore, these JM4 Tactical Relic holsters are available now at the company’s web store. The Appendix, Tuckable IWB and Paddle holster options are priced at $94.97. In addition, the Hybrid holster is listed at $139.97.

For more information about JM4 Tactical and the Relic holster, visit

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