Ernest Langdon, owner of Langdon Tactical and overall Beretta guru, has teamed up with Beretta USA to create the new Beretta 92 Elite LTT pistol.

Ultimate 92 Package

Billed as the “ultimate 92 package,” the 92 Elite LTT features a Vertec/M9A3 slide with front cocking serrations; dovetail fiber optic front and square notch rear sight; stainless 4.7-inch barrel with a target crown; steel guide rod and a beveled rear slide.

Meanwhile, the M9A1 frame sports a checkered front and back strap; beveled mag well with no lanyard loop; exclusive radiused trigger guard and rear slide rail; VZ/LTT G10 grips; stainless steel trigger; and hex head grip screws. In addition, it features an oversized mag release button, a D model hammer spring and a skeletonized hammer.

“Beretta’s commitment to listening and building guns customers request is something shooters have hoped for from all manufacturers,” Ernest Langdon said. “I think this is the most shootable platform to date. We took the favored M9A1 frame, the Vertec slide, adding front cocking serrations, and an exclusive radiused trigger guard to create the flattest and softest shooting full-size 92 package.”

Why The Elite LTT?

Langdon also went into his motivation for creating the Elite LTT.

“For almost 15 years, I’ve been combining multiple guns to build a platform that I want,” Langdon said. “It’s always been a compromise; no front cocking serrations, no flat hammer spring cap, the lanyard loop has always been there, G-model Vertec slides have been virtually impossible to find. Even when I would find a G-Vertec slide, I had to buy a complete M9A1, then buy the steel trigger, then buy the Elite Hammer Spring Cap, radius the back of the slide and trigger guard, etc. My 92 was always a ‘Frankenstein’ gun. So, together, Beretta USA and I built the ultimate 92, the Elite LTT.”

Langdon Tactical is taking pre-orders on the Elite LTT now. The gun is priced at $999. You can also get a LTT trigger job, which will boost the price up to $1,164.

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