New York’s gun laws just got even more strict; the state legislature has passed a new gun control bill aimed at domestic violence offenders.

New York Gun Control Bill

The measure, S 8121, expands the list of misdemeanor offenses related to domestic violence that, upon conviction, would result in guns getting taken away. Those misdemeanor offenses include third degree assault; second and third degree menacing; criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation; second degree unlawful imprisonment; third degree coercion; third degree criminal tampering; second degree criminal contempt; first degree harassment; second degree aggravated harassment; second and third degree criminal trespassing; and fifth degree arson.

“Previously, New York law prohibited the possession of firearms for individuals convicted of a felony or for a limited number of misdemeanor ‘serious’ offenses,” a presser from Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office reads. “However, this excluded many misdemeanor offenses which nobody could deny are in fact serious. To ensure no domestic abuser retains the ability to possess a firearm despite being convicted of a disturbing crime, the legislation rightly bolsters the list of ‘serious’ crimes, which, upon conviction, require the loss of a gun license and the surrender of all firearms.

This New York gun control bill also addresses what Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office refers to as a “loophole,” requiring domestic abusers to turn in rifles and shotguns, not just handguns.

Furthermore, S 8121 prohibits an individual wanted for a felony or “other serious offense” from getting or renewing a firearm license. Apparently, under New York law, a person who had a warrant for his or her arrest could technically still get a license.

Cuomo Signals Support

Unsurprisingly, Gov. Cuomo has announced his full support for the New York gun control measure.

“New York is once again leading the way to prevent gun violence, and with this common sense reform, break the inextricable link between gun violence and domestic violence,” Cuomo said. “This legislation builds on our gun laws — already the strongest in the nation– to make New York safer and stronger.”

S 8121 passed in the New York State Assembly in a 85-32 vote last week. It moved through the Senate by a vote of 41-19. Given Cuomo’s well-documented stance on firearms, it seems say to say he’ll sign this bill into law.


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