Lyman Products brand Pachmayr is catering to wheelgun fans with its new Aluminum Competition Speedloader for revolvers.

Pachmayr Aluminum Competition Speedloader

As the name indicates, these new Pachmayr speedloaders are CNC machined from solid aluminum. This, Lyman Products says in its presser, makes it more durable and separates it out from the pack of competitors whose speedloaders are made from plastic.

In addition, the body of the Pachmayr speedloader is cut in a polygonal shape. This produces the smallest possible outside dimensions and ensures it easily fits revolvers like the Smith & Wesson J, K and L frames. It’s also compatible with the Ruger LCR and a number of other models.

Furthermore, the Speedloader also comes equipped with an O-ring that eliminates rattle. It does this by contacting the cartridge base and holding the rounds in place. To release the cartridges, you simply twist the large, knurled knob.

“Revolver speedloaders have been around for a very long time,” said Trevor Mullen, Lyman’s VP of Global Marketing and Business Development. “They offer a convenient way to carry extra rounds and make for a quick and easy reload. What sets the Pachmayr aluminum Speedloader apart from the competition is twofold; CNC machining and the polygonal shape. Plus, the aluminum body keeps the Speedloader relatively light weight at two ounces minus ammo, yet durable for years and years of continuous use.”

The Pachmayr Aluminum Competition Speedloader is available at a MSRP of $19.98. Check out the video below for a closer look.

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