Glock handguns are popular—Yes, we realize that’s one of the biggest understatements ever posted to this site—and with this popularity comes a whole subset of companies ready to offer aftermarket parts for them. One of those companies is Suarez International, and one of Suarez’s latest products is its new Supermatch SI-43 Glock 43 slide.

Suarez says it built the SI-43 Glock 43 slide for the shooter who wants the benefits of its Supermatch slide, but doesn’t want to run a red Trijicon RMR or cut the slide to accept another red dot. Made from 17-4 aerospace stainless steel, it features ergonomically angled and shaped serrations; tighter tolerances for enhanced accuracy; ejection port lowered by .100″; integral “blood groove” design and a Suarez logo.

All of these features combine to “create a slide that is deadly accurate, combat-ergonomic, as well as aesthetically pleasing,” Suarez claims in the product listing.

The Suarez Supermatch SI-43 slide for the Glock 43 comes in either a black melonite or NP3 coating. MSRP for the former is $239.99, while the latter will raise the price to $259.99. Details are below.

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Suarez Supermatch SI-43 Glock 43 Slide Features

  • Tighter tolerances for increased accuracy, reliability, and performance.
  • Precision manufactured from heat treated 17-4 aerospace stainless steel.
  • Serrations are ergonomically angled and shaped for ease of use under duress.
  • Barrel locking manufactured with tighter tolerances.
  • When used with a match-quality barrel, accuracy will be greatly increased.
  • The ejection port lowered by .100″, and contoured for reliable and predictable ejection of spent cases.
  • Guaranteed to function 100 percent on all Glock frames with quality ammunition.

Options and Upgrades

  • Stripped or assembled with Glock factory internals.
  • Various choices in standard and cowitness sights.
  • Choice to cut for any appropriate red dot, or leave it plain with iron sights.

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