Vertx has introduced its Guardian button-down and Assessor polo shirts for concealed carriers.

Both shirts are included in Vertx’s VaporCore lineup. The clothing in this series, the company says, features 37.5 technology woven into the fabric. This helps to regulate the body’s core temperature. Meanwhile, each garment features a WeaponGuard layer that protects against the skin irritation caused by a CCW coming into contact with the wearer’s skin.

“Abrasion to the skin is a real problem for concealed carriers and wearing additional layers is not always an option,” said Justin Roberts, Vertx brand manager Justin Roberts said. “Our line of WeaponGuard shirts was designed in collaboration with end-users to develop a solution to this common challenge.”

Vertx Shirts

Here’s the breakdown for each shirt, via the press release.

Guardian Shirt – The Guardian shirt features a semi-compression WeaponGuard layer that begins at the lower chest and continues to the waist. This under layer is designed to comfortably guard the skin from chafing caused by concealed weapons, without having to don additional layers. The Guardian shirt has a button-front, pullover design for effortless donning, which includes snap button closures at the bottom of the garment that provides easy access to concealed weapons. Hidden body-side front plackets provide the wearer additional on-body space for weights or loading essential escape and evasion tools. The Guardian shirt is available in two solid colors and two modern plaid patterns in both long and short sleeve.

Assessor Polo – The Assessor polo Shirt features a traditional polo design with an athletic fit. The polo also has a semi-compression under layer that is designed to remain tucked into the pant. This protects the wearer from skin irritation caused by concealed carry. The short-sleeve Assessor polo is available in three heathered colorways.

MSRP on the Vertx Guardian shirt is $64.95 for the short sleeve. The long sleeve Guardian goes for $69.95. The Assessor, meanwhile, is priced at $55.95.

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