Alien Gear Holsters prides itself on innovation, and not just for the sake of being inventive. The manufacturer’s new ShapeShift Driver Defense Holster for car commuters is a perfect example of that quality innovation.

ShapeShift Driver Defense Functionality

Available by itself or in an expansion pack, the ShapeShift Driver Defense Holster buckles around the car seat, securing the firearm between the knees of the driver.

As the name indicates, the rig works with Alien Gear’s ShapeShift Modular Holster System.

To use the holster, you simply press the quick release button on your current rig and transfer your gun, with a fully covered trigger, to the Driver Defense Holster in one fast motion.

The ‘Why’ Behind the Design

The Driver Defense Holster is designed as a fast, easy way to transfer your gun from your holster to your vehicle, offering a “less permanent” option for those need to secure their gun when driving.

“The Driver Defense Holster was developed as a solution for those who want less cosmetic changes to their car’s interior, but the same stability you would achieve with other mounts,” Alien Gear Holsters mechanical engineer Jacob Shearer said. “With the holster positioned in the center of the seat, you can sit comfortably in your car for hours on end while ensuring fast and easy access to your weapon.”

Compatible with Alien Gear’s Cloak Mod OWB holster, the holster comes with the company’s Forever Warranty and 30-Day Test Drive.

MSRP on the ShapeShift Driver Defense Holster by itself is $59.88. If you want the expansion pack, that’ll run you $33.98.

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