An off-duty police officer in Buenos Aires shot a pack of home invaders in his garage late last week, killing two and sending one to the hospital. Check out footage of the incident above.

Buenos Aires Cop Drops Home Invaders

Argentinian news website Infobae identifies the officer in question as 56-year-old Roberto Regner of the Buenos Aires City Police. Video from inside the garage shows Regner pull his Ford Focus into the garage of his home in the city of Isidro Casanova when three armed men suddenly walk up from behind and attempt to rob him.

Local cable channel Todo Noticias says Regner’s wife and four year-old daughter were in the vehicle with him.

In the video, the apparent ringleader of the gang forces Regner out of his vehicle with his hands up while his two accomplices work to close the garage door. As this is going on, Regner suddenly grabs the man’s gun. The weapon goes off. Regner then pulls out his duty gun and goes to work, quickly dropping two suspects. The third bad guy tries frantically to open the garage door, but Regner shoots him, too.


Two of the home invaders died at the scene; the third was wounded and handcuffed by Regner. Police arrived soon after the shooting and recovered the guns—two .38 revolvers—used by the suspects. They also took Regner’s service weapon as evidence.

A fourth suspect, who isn’t visible in the surveillance footage, reportedly managed to escape before police arrived.

Neither Regner nor his family were harmed during the attempted home invasion.

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