Two days before an off-duty Brazilian military police officer shot and killed an attacker in front of her daughter’s school, another off-duty Brazilian cop was busy dispatching a pair of armed robbers at a convenience store.

Details are scant at this point, but based on the comments on the Facebook page where this video first appeared, the incident took place in the city of Manaus. Check out the CCTV footage, along with a breakdown on the incident and the lessons to be learned from it, above.

The Armed Robbery

The video starts off with the two bad guys entering the store; one moves to the back while the other hangs at the front near the cashier. The off-duty cop then enters the picture and stands with his back to the cashier.

After glancing around, the bad guy at the front of the store announces a robbery by pulling up his shirt to reveal a gun. His accomplice approaches the off-duty cop, says something to him, and then goes up to the cashier, who starts handing over cash from the register.

Brazilian Cop Fights Back

While this is going on, the off-duty cop quickly pivots his body slightly. He then quickly pulls his gun and shoots the armed robber closest to him. After one shot, the bad guy starts to run. The off-duty cop fires one more round at him, and the armed robber exits the store in a hurry.

The off-duty cop then quickly aims his gun at the bad guy near the register. He discharges his pistol four times, causing the second armed robber to quickly scurry out of the store as well. The entire incident takes place in less than 30 seconds.

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