Earlier this year, Hogue teamed with HK on a set of HK-branded knives. Now the company is partnering with another big-time gun maker, Sig Sauer, on a set of knives that boast the “SIG” mark on the grip.

Hogue Sig Sauer Knives

The press release says these Hogue Sig Sauer knives are designed to match the grips and finishes of the various Sig pistols for which Hogue makes grips. Folding and automatic variations of the Hogue’s X5, EX-04 and EX-01 knives match up with Sig’s Emperor Scorpion and exclusive series firearms. This includes the Legion Series.

In addition, Hogue’s EX-02 flippers match with the Sig ASE, Extreme, Scorpion and Emperor Scorpion pistols. Lastly, the Hogue EX-F01 matches with the SIG Stainless Elite and Exclusive Series firearms.

Each knife has the ‘SIG’ mark either machined in G10 or inlayed with a circular medallion on the grip.

“Hogue is the manufacturer of many of Sig Sauer’s firearm grips,” Hogue owner Neil Hogue said. “We use the same G10 material for the gripping on these knives as we use for the grips we produce for Sig Sauer firearms, which allows us to exactly match the dye and materials, and control quality. The blade is finished to replicate the coloring of the pistol coating which makes it a great companion to a Sig Sauer firearm.”

Suggested retail on these new Hogue Sig Sauer knives ranges from $199.95 and $279.95.

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