A wife used a 6-shot revolver to open fire on a pack of bad guys beating on her husband right outside the gates of their home in Lucknow, India. Watch a video of the encounter, complete with a step-by-step breakdown of the lessons learned, above.

The Attack

The video starts off with the victim opening up his gate and stepping out to talk to a man dressed in black. While the two are talking, two other men wearing bandanas to conceal their faces approach from the victim’s right side and start hitting him. He tries to fight back, but he’s quickly taken to the ground.

Two other men rush in and proceed to punch and kick the victim. Another man then runs over with a stick or baseball bat and starts hitting him.

6-Shot Revolver To The Rescue

That’s when the victim’s wife runs up to the gate and pulls out a 6-shot revolver. As soon as the bad guys catch sight of it, they start to back off. When she fires off a round, most of them bolt. The victim grabs the gun from his wife and threatens another bad guy standing behind the gate; the bad guy runs off, and the victim closes up the gate to the home.

According to India TV, the victim is Abid Ali, a local journalist. It is believed that the bad guys were sent by Ali’s landlord, with whom Ali was allegedly in a dispute over rent. News18 says Ali suffered multiple injuries to his neck, back, head and hands as a result of the attack. Ali’s wife remains unidentified, but news reports say she is a lawyer.

India Gun Laws

Legally obtaining a firearm in India is, to put it mildly, a long and arduous task. Sandhya Ramesh, the senior assistant editor for science at the India publication ThePrint, broke down the process in a thread on her Twitter account. Check it out below:

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