A quick-thinking worker at a Little Caesars restaurant in Florida shot and killed a masked man who attacked him with a wooden pole and a pair of scissors over the weekend.

Little Caesars Shooting

Surveillance footage captured from inside the restaurant, located in Holly Hill near Daytona Beach, shows 28-year-old Heriberto Feliciano closing up just before midnight. What Feliciano didn’t know was that a man wearing an evil clown mask had arrived just outside the restaurant shortly before, waiting to strike. When Feliciano exits the back door, he’s suddenly attacked from his right side by the suspect. Then the two disappear out of view.

According to WJAX, the suspect attacked Feliciano with a wooden stick until it broke. Then he tried to stab him with scissors. Feliciano told police he drew his concealed carry handgun and opened fire, shooting the suspect four or five times at close range. In the CCTV footage from inside the restaurant, a bullet hits the back door just seconds into the attack.

The Daytona News-Journal reports that police arrived on the scene shortly thereafter and found the suspect unresponsive on the ground with a clown mask and a pair of scissors nearby. He was transported to  Halifax Health Medical Center, where he died from his injuries.


Feliciano was taken to the hospital and treated for injuries to his face and shoulder. Police confirmed that he has a valid concealed carry permit. Based on the preliminary evidence, it appears he was justified in his actions.

“It was an ambush type of an attack and it does appear that he was defending himself,” Holly Hill police Chief Steve Aldrich said of Feliciano.

“As soon as he exited the building, he was immediately attacked by an individual that was wearing a scary clown mask and brandishing a wooden stick,” Aldrich stated. “I’m glad that he was able to defend himself and that he’s OK. It’s just unfortunate that this whole episode occurred.”

Feliciano’s father says his son is “deeply affected” by the shooting and has had trouble sleeping since it occurred. He is scheduled to meet with investigators on Tuesday.

Aldrich pledged that his department will conduct a thorough investigation of the incident.

“This is unusual for the city of Holly Hill and we take this very seriously,” Aldrich said. “That’s why we are aggressively following it up at this point.”

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