We here at Personal Defense World believe every law-abiding citizen who is legally able should be allowed to own a firearm for home defense. There are those, however, who don’t share this belief; a New Jersey housing developer posted a sign at one of its properties warning tenants that those who keep a gun in the home could face eviction.

New Jersey Housing Developer Warns Tenants

The sign was posted by RPM Development Group, which owns multiple properties throughout New Jersey. It was put up at an apartment building in Newark. Here’s what it says: “Effective as of May 1, 2018 this building will be a firearm free building. No one will be permitted to store, or carry a gun or rifle, or any other type of firearm of any kind in the building, or on the grounds. If it is discovered that you do have a firearm of any kind on this property, you will receive a Notice to Cease, followed by a Notice to Vacate.”

Somebody, presumably a tenant, took a photo of the sign. They then sent it to an organization called the New Jersey Second Amendment Society (NJ2AS). It can be seen above.

“We are interested to see what criminals will think of this silly sign and policy … We are sure they will abide by RPM’s policy and not commit any crimes (with guns) now that they know their tenants are defenseless,” the NJ2AS said in a press release.

The NJ2AS sees the sign as yet another refutation of the oft-repeated claim, “nobody wants to take your guns.”

“While Mom’s Demand Action claims that ‘nobody wants to take your guns away,’ one common theme keeps happening: our guns are being taken away either by usurpation or now by being barred from having them in our rental apartments,” NJ2AS states. “Despite the fact that the Supreme Court’s Heller decision states that we have a constitutional right to own and bear firearms in our homes, RPM Development Group believes they are immune.

NJ2AS says its lawyers “have been made aware” of the sign. They are working to have the policy reversed in order to prevent legal action.

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