PepperBall has unveiled its LifeLite launcher for less-lethal personal defense.

LifeLite Launcher

Essentially, the hook here is that the LifeLite hides a PepperBall launcher within a LED flashlight. This allows it to be carried openly during regular activities, like evening walks and running errands. It can also be safely stored in a drawer, purse, backpack or glove box.

To use the LifeLite Launcher, simply push the exposed trigger. This expels PepperBall projectiles at 270 feet per second. The projectiles are filled with a proprietary, pharmaceutical-grade PAVA pepper powder that bursts upon impact, leaving a cloud of dust that affects the eyes, nose and respiratory system. The debilitating effects last for around 15 minutes. PepperBall says the “saturation area” extends seven feet in all directions around the point of impact.

Less-Lethal Alternative

Powered by a CO2 cartridge, the unit is effective out to 60 feet, PepperBall claims. It holds up to five projectiles that can be shot in rapid succession without having to cock the device. In addition, the LiteLite sports a safety tab. Deactivation triggers a laser that deters would-be bad guys. It also helps the user rapidly acquire targets.

“LifeLite is the first non-lethal personal defense unit of its kind,” said Ron Johnson, CEO of parent company United Tactical Systems. “We wanted to create something that was less intimidating than your traditional personal defense mechanisms, but just as effective. And that’s what we did: We designed a unit that’s powerful, user-friendly and, most importantly, safe for everyday consumers. Basically, the device combines the chemistry of pepper spray with the precision of a high-powered pneumatic device… and the result is highly effective.”

The LifeLite launcher is sold as a complete kit. The kit includes the launcher; three 12-gram CO2 cartridges; 10 inert practice rounds; and five live PepperBall rounds. The MSRP is $299.99. Pre-orders are available now. Shipping is expected to start in early summer.

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