Sig Sauer has unveiled its new 365 ammo line designed for short-barrel CCW pistols like the company’s new P365 model.

Sig 365 Ammo

365 ammo is available in 115gr 9mm Sig V-Crown and Sig FMJ. The former is designed for personal defense. The latter is designed for training. Since training the way you carry is important, Sig says its FMJ ammunition is engineered to shoot like V-Crown JHP loads. That means the same recoil, velocity and point of impact. In addition, Sig V-Crown and FMJ rounds are loaded on the same machines. Furthermore, they use the same brass and are loaded to the same pressures.

The rounds also use the same clean-burning powder consumed before the projectile leaves the barrel. This, the company claims, produces an “optimal” mix of muzzle velocity and energy while ensuring recoil is manageable. The muzzle velocity for the 9mm Sig 365 115gr V-Crown and FMJ loads is 1,050 fps from the P365 3.1-inch barrel with muzzle energy of 282 ft-lbs.

Reliable Choices

Sig’s V-Crown stacked hollow point ammo is a solid choice for personal defense. The V-Crown bullet offers up “exceptional” on target energy with maximum weight retention and expansion, the press release says. Its coated, nickel-plated cases provide lubricity, corrosion resistance and reliable feeding and extraction. Additionally, Sig’s FMJ training ammo boasts copper jacketed bullets that stay with lead on impact.

The V-Crown comes in a box of 20 at a MSRP of $20.95. The FMJ is available in a box of 50, with suggested retail set at $18.95.

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