Vista Outdoor has announced its intention to sell off its firearm brands as it focuses on growth in other categories.

Stay calm. For fans of Savage Arms and Stevens, the brands are not going anywhere. Production will not stop.

Vista Outdoor Changes

In a press release, the company confirmed it was “exploring” the possibility of selling Savage Arms and Stevens after a “strategic review” of its business that began in November 2017.

“Our review identified product categories that are core to the company’s long-term business strategy,” Vista CEO Chris Metz said. “We believe future investment should focus on categories where Vista Outdoor can achieve sustainable growth, maximize operational efficiencies, deliver leadership economics, and drive shareholder value.”

As a result of the aforementioned review, Vista will focus on other brands. These brands include ammunition, hunting and shooting accessories, hydration bottles and packs, and outdoor cooking products.

“Vista Outdoor is excited about the potential of each of our core businesses, particularly ammunition, which is our largest core business,” Metz said. “An increased focus on our heritage ammunition business will manifest itself in more innovative and breakthrough new products introduced over the next few years. We also anticipate that by prioritizing this business, we will be able to invest more capital to further enhance and expand our global leadership position.”

Furthermore, brands that fall outside Vista’s “core businesses,” including sport protection brands (Bell, Giro, and Blackburn) and Jimmy Styks paddle boards, will likely be sold off.

The company will evidently keep other firearm-related brands like Bushnell, BlackHawk, Weaver Optics, Uncle Mike’s, Outers, RCBS, Hoppe’s and Redfield.

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