In a recentĀ blog post, Facebook said that it “regularly” reviews its policies in order to identify “areas where we can improve.” And wouldn’t you know it, firearms is one area where the social networking service determined an “improvement” could be made. The improvement? It’s been decided that minors will no longer be allowed to view ads for gun accessories.

New Rules For Gun Accessories

Facebook noted it already bans ads for guns and “modifications like magazines.”

However, advertisers can still promote “other weapons accessories, including products that are mounted on guns for the purposes of illuminating, magnifying or focusing in on (e.g. optics, flashlights) a target as well as holsters and belt accessories.”

That’s all well and good. Starting on June 21, however, those advertisers will required to limit their audience to those who are 18 years or older.

“Unlike posts from friends or Pages, ads receive paid distribution,” Facebook says. “This means we have an even higher standard for what is allowed and why we have chosen to limit weapons accessories to an adults only audience.”

This is far from the first action Facebook has taken with regard to firearms. Back in 2014, the company announced a series of measures designed to limit gun sales on the service. Furthermore, in 2016, Facebook banned the private sale of guns on its platform altogether.

Below is a breakdown of Facebook’s updated advertising policy for firearms, ammunition and explosives.

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