GlockStore’s Lenny Magill recently showed off a unique Glock 19 Gen4 pistol from the GlockStore Custom Shop in San Diego. How unique? Well, let’s just say there are custom Glocks, and then there are custom Glocks. This would fall into the latter category. Watch the video above for a closer look.

GlockStore’s Custom Glock 19 Gen4

There are two things that jump out immediately on this customized Glock 19 Gen4. The first is the polished gold titanium nitride refinish on the slide, which also features added front serrations. The second thing is the white marble hydrographic dip refinish on the frame. The dip finish is clear-coated to ensure it holds up under regular use.

Furthermore, the gun comes with GlockStore’s Metallic Pin & Extended Controls Kit, which includes an extended slide lock; trigger pin; trigger housing pin; locking block pin; and OEM extended slide stop lever. In keeping with the established theme, the pins and extended controls are finished in gold.

Additional Details

Meanwhile, the gun also has a serrated, extended aluminum magazine catch, as well as a Big Mouth aluminum mag well. The included magazine comes with GlockStore’s Heavy Extended Aluminum Magazine Base Plate. All three items are in gold.

Rounding out the features on this custom G19 are a Gen4 heavy tungsten guide rod, in addition to a flat face pyramid trigger. The trigger shoe is red, the insert is black and the safety is gold.

It all adds up to an eye-catching package. The price isn’t mentioned; Magill he was just about to ship it off to the customer who ordered it.

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