An Arkansas home intruder is in the hospital after taking a birdshot shotgun blast to the side of his head, courtesy of the homeowner.

Birdshot To The Rescue

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports that the unidentified homeowner was asleep at his home in Crawford County when he was jolted awake by the sound of his alarm system going off at around 3 a.m. last Wednesday. The man immediately grabbed his birdshot shotgun and went to investigate.

Upon entering his garage, the homeowner came face-to-face with 47-year-old Todd Byrns; a physical struggle ensued between the two men. At some point, the homeowner said Byrns turned and started heading toward his front door. Fearing he would gain entry to the home, the homeowner fired a warning shot into the air. He then shot directly at Byrns, hitting him in the side of his head with the birdshot.


A wounded Byrns managed to bolt down the road, where a vehicle was parked with a female companion sitting inside. The woman, seeing Byrns’ wound, called 911. The homeowner also called 911; police arrived shortly thereafter and arrested both Byrns and the woman in his vehicle.

Crawford County Sheriff Ron Brown said his deputies found three guns in Byrns’ car, including one with the serial number filed off. They also found a knife, but it’s unclear if Byrns had it on him when he tried to break into the home.

Motive & Charges

The woman told authorities that she and Byrns were traveling when—broke and low on gas—they decided to stop at what they thought was a free campground. When they realized they had to pay a fee to enter the campground, Byrns and the woman decided to try and steal gas from a local home so they could keep moving.

Brown was transported to an area hospital where he underwent surgery. He was then transported to the local jail, the Times Record said. He faces charges of criminal trespass; possession of a defaced firearm; being a felon in possession of a firearm; and robbery and theft by receiving.

There is no indication of any charges for the woman. The homeowner won’t face any charges as a result of the incident.

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