A video has been making the rounds online which should be of great interest to concealed carriers everywhere. It shows a pistol discharging while inside an appendix carry holster. The question is, is this a negligent or accidental discharge? Watch the video above.

Negligent or Accidental Discharge?

The clip starts with two men talking at a desk while a woman works in the background. One of the men takes his gun, loads a magazine, racks the slide and places it in his appendix carry holster. He then walks around the desk and bends over to pick something up. When he does so, the gun goes off.

Crying out in extreme pain, the man takes the gun out of the holster and throws it onto the ground. He then throws the holster onto the ground. The woman springs into action—brownie points for her fast reaction—getting a tourniquet out of the desk and asking the man where he was shot. The other man starts dialing 911.


Details are scant at this point, but TTAG reports that the video was filmed in Nevada.

They also say the bullet allegedly penetrated the ill-fated concealed carrier’s groin in a through-and-through-type wound. He is reportedly in stable condition.

The Internet is going back and forth as to whether this is a negligent or accidental discharge, as there isn’t enough information about this specific incident, and the video itself doesn’t offer much in terms of details.

What say you?

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