A Milwaukee man is currently wanted by police after he walked into the kitchen of a George Webb restaurant and brutally attacked a female employee. The situation would have been much worse were it not for the fact that another employee pulled out a concealed carry handgun, prompting the bad guy to take off. Watch the CCTV footage of this unprovoked attack above.

George Webb Attack

TMJ4 reports that the incident occurred on Friday, June 29. The video shows two women working in the kitchen when a man enters from the bottom of the frame and punches one of the women in the face. The injured woman stumbles to the back and the man starts to follow her. That’s when the second employee pulls out a gun and aims it at him. The man then backs up and leaves the kitchen. He is still at large.

Politician Weighs In

Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan, the chair of the Public Safety and Health Committee, sent the video to TMJ4 in hopes that the man will be caught and arrested.

“It is sickening to see this unsuspecting worker assaulted so brutally by this individual,” Donovan said. “It was an unprovoked attack and I am asking anyone with information to please contact MPD immediately at 414-935-7360 so we can get him off the street and behind bars where he belongs.”

Donovan added that the employee who pulled the gun had a valid concealed carry permit. The boss at that George Webb location allows his employees to carry a handgun for protection if they’re properly licensed.

“It’s so frustrating to me as an elected official that the other waitress felt it so important that she arm herself to come and work in my aldermanic district,” Donovan said. “Yet, I thank God she was armed. Otherwise, I shudder to think what may have happened to those two women.”

Donovan added that the armed employee quit her job in the aftermath of the attack.

“And can you really blame her for quitting? This is just sickening and I am tired of this crap happening in my district and in too many other neighborhoods across Milwaukee,” Donovan said.

Injured Worker

The injured George Webb worker, a young mother of three, was taken to the hospital and treated for a concussion. She told TMJ4 the suspect has been in the restaurant before and appeared to be angry about the service he received. Neighborhood residents described the man as a drug dealer who “has a history of being abusive.”

Police know the identity of the suspect; they’re still searching for him.

“People need to see this,” Donovan said of the vicious attack. “It’s shocking. But this is what’s happening in some parts of our city. This comes amid a spike in crime in my district. If we don’t start paying attention to neighborhoods that are on the fence, they’re going to fall on the wrong side of the fence.”

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