Hogue has revealed its new Composite Material Laser Enhanced (LE) grips for 1911 pistols.

Hogue’s New 1911 Grips

“Our popular Laser Enhanced 1911 grips are now available with precision cut piranha grip textured G10 or finely checkered reinforced wood laminate materials,” said Hogue’s LE Grip designer and managing partner Jim Bruhns. “In addition, we have each variation available in both Government and Officer Model fits.”

In the press release, Hogue says its LE grips have fully programmable, digitally controlled microprocessor circuit. The company’s designers “capitalized on this advantage,” programming three different operating modes—steady, flashing and stealth target—as well as four brightness levels into the LE grip’s circuit.

In addition, two CR-2032 batteries are concealed under the grip on the non-laser side. Hogue says this ensures battery changes that don’t take the laser out of zero. Each LE grip is factory bore-sighted, but windage and elevation adjustments can be made via small set screws.

The Hogue LE Grip’s programming features can be accessed via pressure-sensitive buttons on the grip, the press release says. G10 panel grip choices include Hogue’s G-Mascus Black, G-Mascus Green and G-Mascus Dark Earth. Furthermore, wood laminate options are reinforced walnut, rosewood and blackwood. These grips have a three-year warranty. MSRP: $239.95.

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