A Houston carjacker is dead after he and his buddies came up against an armed truck owner last Thursday.

Houston Carjacker Foiled

ABC affiliate KTRK says the truck owner had just pulled into to the Sweetwater Point apartment complex at around 2 a.m. when three men—at least two of whom were armed—approached and ordered him out of his truck. The man complied. The suspects then jumped into the man’s truck and started to leave. They tried to run over the man as they did so. Unfortunately for the suspects, they couldn’t leave because the exit gate for the apartment complex was closed.

While this was going on, the man ran after the truck. When he got close to the vehicle, at least two of the carjackers drew guns and opened fire. That’s when the man produced a gun of his own, shooting one of the suspects.

All three suspects immediately got out of the truck. Two of them ran fled the scene. The wounded suspect ran into the middle of a nearby service road, where he collapsed and died.

According to KHOU, an oncoming car swerved in order to avoid hitting the carjacker’s body. The driver lost control of the car and wound up hitting a construction vehicle. There were no injuries reported in that crash.

Police conducted a ground and air search for the other two carjackers, but they couldn’t be located.

The truck owner, meanwhile, was said to be “shaken up,” but uninjured. Based on what is known about the case thus far, it doesn’t appear as though he’ll face charges for pulling his gun and shooting the carjacker.

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