A couple of years ago, a certain pistol made headlines after reporters latched onto the fact that it looked like a smartphone when folded. The name of that pistol was the Ideal Conceal. It appears that pre-orders of the Ideal Conceal are now shipping out to customers.

In an update posted to YouTube on July 9, which you can see below, Ideal Conceal CEO Kirk Kjellberg confirmed that pre-orders of the gun are shipping in the order in which they were paid. He also said a few dealers were receiving pre-orders. In addition, Kjellberg stated that the company is developing a line of exclusive holsters to accommodate the gun.

The Ideal Conceal is a .380 ACP derringer that, when folded, is roughly the same size as a Samsung Galaxy S7. To unfold it, you grip and rotate the handle away from the body of the firearm. When fully extended, the handle locks into place. To return the handle to the closed position, you depress the handle lock buttons on either side and rotate the handle in the opposite direction.

To load the Ideal Conceal, you open the breach block by sliding the breach block latch away from the muzzle. Then, you rotate the breach block away from the latch. Next, you insert two .380 ACP rounds into the chambers. Finally, you close the breach block by rotating it into a closed position.

The ATF has stated that the Ideal Conceal is not a NFA firearm.

The Ideal Conceal is listed at $575 on the company’s website. Check out the specs on the gun, as supplied by The Firearm Blog in a review a couple of months ago. In addition, see the progress update, as well as a video showing the Ideal Conceal in action.

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Ideal Conceal Specs

  • Weight: 18.3 Ounces (Unloaded)
  • Length: 5.5″
  • Width: 0.75″
  • Height: 3″ (Collapsed; Folded In)
  • Height: 5.1875″ (Extended; Folded Out)
  • Body & Frame is 100 percent Aluminum
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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