Lone Wolf Distributors decided it didn’t have enough pistols in its product line, so it unleashed an intriguing new model called the Grey Man Gun.

“What is a grey man?” the product listing asks. “It’s someone who has chosen to carry concealed as part of their daily life, but blend in – be indistinguishable from the people around them, yet possessing skills and training that allow him to be prepared for any circumstance. The grey man doesn’t stand out, he doesn’t advertise, he simply goes through life prepared. What kind of gun does the grey man carry?”

According to Lone Wolf, he carries this gun. The Grey Man Gun is essentially a compact self-defense pistol packed with enhanced features. Those features include a custom AlphaWolf Slide; G19-length Lone Wolf barrel with a custom cut barrel crown; FDE PVD coating on the slide and barrel (a bead blasted stainless steel version is also available); lightweight firing pin; tungsten guide rod; and Lone Wolf small parts kits in the upper and lower.

“It appears to be nothing more than a simple compact CCW pistol, when it reality it’s full of upgrades,” Lone Wolf says.

The Grey Man Gun can be bought as a complete pistol for a limited time. However, all components can also be purchased individually, should you want to update your Glock into a “Grey Man Gun.”

The Grey Man Gun starts at $699.95 for the bead blasted stainless steel slide and barrel. If you want the FDE PVD coating, that’ll run you $799.95.

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Grey Man Gun Features

  • AlphaWolf stainless steel slide, custom “Grey Man” configured
  • Ameriglo Classic Green/Yellow night sights
  • Lone Wolf G19 standard length barrel with custom flush cut crown
  • Enhanced Lone Wolf slide internals
  • Lightweight firing pin kit, including Maritime Spring Cups and mid-weight firing pin spring
  • Tungsten guide rod assembly
  • Lone Wolf Gen3 Compact Frame Completion Kit
  • Enhanced trigger, including 721 Classic connector and 6# trigger spring
  • Lone Wolf Ultimate Trigger Housing, including overtravel adjustment screw
  • Extended control levers
  • Lone Wolf extended magazine catch

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