The fatal Oklahoma shooting of a 17-year-old teenager at the hands of his older brother has been ruled justified by local prosecutors.

Oklahoma Shooting

According to the Shawnee News-Star, the lead-up to the shooting began on the morning of July 5 when police were called to a home in McLoud after Rayden French and his girlfriend allegedly caused a “disturbance” at the residence. When police arrived at the house, French and his girlfriend left, but not before French allegedly threatened his mother, Christina, and 19-year-old brother.

A little while later, French returned to the home as his mother and brother were about to leave for breakfast. An argument ensued. During the argument, French allegedly charged at Christina.

That’s when French’s older brother drew a “small-caliber” pistol and shot him twice in the chest. Christina called 911 shortly thereafter.

“My son just got shot twice … get an ambulance here please,” Christina can be heard saying in the call.

“Okay, the person that shot him … are they still there?” the 911 dispatcher asks.

“Yes. It was his brother. He was protecting me,” Christina replies. When asked where the brother is, Christina says, “He is sitting right here, holding his hand. Ray, focus. Focus. Focus baby. Come on.”

French was eventually transported to SSM St. Anthony Hospital-Shawnee, where he died from his injuries.

No Charges

After reviewing the evidence—including surveillance video from a nearby school that captured the entire incident and backs up statements made to police by Christina and French’s older brother—the Pottawatomie District Attorney’s Office has ruled that the shooting was done in self defense. Thus, the older brother won’t be charged.

“We’re declining to file charges,” said Pottawatomie/Lincoln County First Assistant District Attorney Adam Panter, adding that French was even more aggressive on the surveillance video than what was described by his family members.

Christina told News9 that French—who leaves behind a six-month-old daughter—was under the influence of a substance when he came to the house that morning. She also said her son had been in and out of rehab.

McLoud Police Chief Tom Pringle said French has an extensive juvenile record, including some violent offenses. In addition, police had been called to the home on previous occasions.

While Christina’s older son is in the clear, she says the family is still grieving for the loss of French.

“Not a day or minute that goes by that we don’t think about him, or wish things would have gone differently,” she said.

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