Those interested in a beautiful and historical handgun should check out the Auto Ordnance Custom Case Hardened 1911.

The Custom Case Hardened 1911 is a GI series 1911, in all of its original glory, that has been updated with a case-hardened finish. Therefore, this gun provides a look and a feel that would make any gun owner proud

“Taking a classic 1911 to the next level without diminishing its history is no easy feat, but adding an even more classic finish formally raises the bar,” said Auto Ordnance in its announcement. “Auto-Ordnance has done just that with the new GI Series 1911 with case hardened finish.”

Case hardening produces distinct and unique patterns of color on metal. As a result, the guns are practically works of art with its swirling finish.

In addition to the finish, this Auto Ordnance 1911 is a historical version of Browning’s masterpiece. This .45 ACP comes with a 5-inch barrel, with a blade front sight and drift adjustable rear sights. It also has standard beavertail and thumb safeties, as well as checkered woods grips featuring the “US” military logo.

Auto Ordnance has long built functioning replicas of historical firearms, including the iconic “Tommy” gun. They also make versions of the M1 Carbine and multiple custom GI 1911s.

Auto Ordnance Custom Case Hardened 1911

Action: Semi-auto
Caliber: .45 ACP
Barrel: 5″
Weight: 39 oz.
Length: 8.5″
Safeties: Thumb safety, grip safety, firing pin block
Sights: Blade front, rear drift adjustable for windage
Magazine: One 7-round
Grips: Checkered Wood Grips with U.S. Logo
MSRP: $1,327

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