A Florida concealed carry permit holder shot a man who opened fire in a crowded park during a peace gathering over the weekend.

Florida Concealed Carry Shooting

WFTV says it all began to unfold at around 5:20 p.m. on Saturday at Isaac Campbell Park in Titusville when a fist fight broke out among some of the attendees at an event called “Peace in the City.” One of the men involved in the fist fight left in the aftermath. However, he also soon returned to the area with a gun.

That’s when the man opened fire with said gun.

“I was like, who lit firecrackers? I turned around and just said, ‘Oh no, he’s got a gun, he’s got a gun,'” Dwight Harvey, the DJ who helped organize the event, told Florida Today.

Luckily, one of the people in the park that day was a Florida concealed carry permit holder. The unidentified good guy quickly drew his gun and shot the gunman as he was running toward the crowd, opening fire.

Harvey also happened to be livestreaming the event on Facebook when the shooting occurred. The above video shows some of the estimated 150 people—including dozens of children—in the park as more than a dozen shots quickly ring out.

The gunman was transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Fortunately, neither the concealed carrier nor the event attendees sustained any injuries.

“We are extremely grateful that nobody else was injured in this incident,” said Deputy Chief Todd Hutchinson. “This suspect opened fire at a crowded public park, this could have been so much worse.”

No Charges

After reviewing the totality of the evidence in consultation with the state attorney’s office, the Titusville Police Department is declining to press charges against the concealed carrier. The man stayed on the scene in the aftermath of the shooting. He also fully cooperated with the investigation.

Harvey is grateful that the concealed carrier was present, and that he was also able to shoot back.

“This was standing your ground, in a situation like this with kids involved,” Harvey said.

The “Peace in the City” event was organized partially as a memorial to Harvey’s cousin Tony Butler. Butler’s body was found in a burned-out car in July. That case also remains unsolved.

“We were just trying to do something positive for the community,” Harvey said.

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