Galco Quick Slide holster
(Photo by Galco Gunleather)

A good holster is an important tool for concealed-carry. In fact, it is one of three items that are crucial when carry a gun. One to consider that is now available in some new fits is the Galco Quick Slide holster.

First introduced at the 2018 SHOT Show, the Galco Quick Slide is a hybrid leather/Kydex holster for outside the waistband carry. It was originally available for 1911s and 9mm Glocks, but now also fits large-frame Glocks, as well as the Sig P938 and Smith & Wesson M&Ps and Shields.

Built off of other Galco designs, the Kydex pocket secures the handgun, while the leather backing provides all-day comfort. It’s neutral cant and open top make drawing and holstering fast and easy. At the same time, the passive retention at the trigger guard keeps the gun secure at the side.

The Galco Quick Slide holster mounts to belts via two snap loops, which pulls the gun tight to the body. As such, the holster provides concealment without bulk. All these features, along with its silhouetted design, makes the Quick Slide a go-to holster for the handguns it fits. Even better, its $54 price tag makes it one of the best, affordable holsters on the market.

Galco Quick Slide Holster

  • Hybrid Kydex/steerhide construction 
  • Accommodates multiple barrel lengths on same frame size 
  • Near-neutral cant 
  • Quick on-off snapping belt loops 
  • Passive retention device at trigger guard 
  • Fits belts up to 1 1/2″

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