Golden State Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr made thoughts about the NRA public Tuesday.

Kerr disagrees that the National Rifle Association is suing the city of Seattle over its gun lock law. He used Twitter to let people know, Retweeting gun control proponents Fred Guttenberg and Igor Gorvolsky.

Guttenberg originally tweeted: NRA suing Seattle over requirements that residents secure weapons or face fine. This says everything you need to know about the NRA and why it has no place in policy regarding our safety.

Guttenberg is an anti-gun activist, best known for criticizing the president and Senator Marco Rubio in town hall meetings. He believes in raising the age to buy guns, mandatory waiting periods, banning higher-capacity magazines and the rest of the gun control agenda.

Igor Gorvolsky is an activist and author. He has written an anti-gun book, along with numerous articles supporting gun control.

Steve Kerr has long been a gun control proponent, telling the Mercury News, “We need to have laws in place in every state that your guns need to be locked up.” He also criticized congress for not banning “automatic weapons,” despite that fully auto firearms are highly regulated.

The Law Steve Kerr Likes

The Seattle City Council vote in July to approve a bill that requires gun owners to lock up guns. Gun owners can be charged with a crime, with fines up to $500 for not locking up a firearm. The fine jumps to $1,000 if a kid or criminal gets a gun, and runs up to $10,000 if the gun is used in a crime or to hurt someone.

Additionally, the council wrote the bill so gun owners can be fined for each person injured or killed. It even allows the filing of lawsuits against gun owners.

Police officers can write infractions based on seeing or having reasonable cause to believe a violation has occurred.

The NRA filed suit saying that Washington state law blocks cities from passing such laws. Following the lead of Seattle, the City Council of Edmonds, Wash., passed a similar law, against which the NRA also filed a lawsuit.

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