A Memphis woman used a home defense shotgun to ward off a pair of bad guys—well, one guy and one woman—attempting to break into her home recently.

Memphis Woman Fights Back

Whitney Lyne told WREG she was just settling into bed last Thursday when her doorbell suddenly rang. Given that it was late at night and she wasn’t expecting company, Lyne was startled by the ring.

The situation soon became even more alarming.

“This person starts ringing the doorbell more, banging on the door,” Lyne said. “You could tell the difference between a fist and a palm hitting it, ringing the doorbell.”

Lyne peered through her curtains and saw a woman opening her storm door and twisting her front doorknob. She also noticed a man sitting in a silver car parked right behind her own car in her driveway.

“Then I heard a boom and things went silent, and [I] thought she had burst in through the wood door at front and it just got quiet.”

Trusty Home Defense Shotgun

That’s when Lyne ran and grabbed the shotgun her husband—who evidently was not home at the time—had advised her to use in situations like these.

Surveillance footage shows Lyne running across the room with her shotgun. She headed for the side door, where the woman smashed glass in an effort to gain entry to the home. Lyne then runs right up to the door and aims her shotgun at the woman through the broken glass. The sight of the scattergun was enough to give the woman pause.

“She just nonchalantly just stopped and slowly put her hand up, just walked to her car,” Lyne said. “The guy looked at her, put his hands in the air, backed up and just sped off. They were gone.”

The would-be intruders didn’t manage to steal anything from the property, however, they are still at large.


Lyne, who was uninjured, put out the following statement regarding the incident on her Facebook page:

Last night, Thursday, July 26th at approximately 9:08pm, someone kept ringing my doorbell. Being late and at home alone, I did not answer and called my husband (obviously next time calling the police but didn’t know how bad this would escalate) while my two dogs went crazy barking. Our porch light and kitchen lights were on and my car parked in the driveway.

Turned out to be a woman and she went from manic ringing doorbell to pounding on the door. Kept opening and closing our storm door to try to get through our wood door. I was able to peek through another room window to see a silver car parked in my driveway with a large man sitting in the passenger seat looking at his phone. Somehow this lady either was able to open our garage from the front or quickly jumped our fence and was able to open our garage door from the back.

The pounding went from our front door to our front windows. It wasn’t until I noticed that the pounding was coming from our side doors through our garage that I grabbed a shot gun and slowly walked down the hall to see what/how this was happening. At 9:13pm, the woman had gotten through the storm door in the garage and broke the window to the wood door leading into our kitchen and was reaching to unlock it . I immediately starting screaming and jammed the gun through the glass at her. She slowly and calmly put her hands up, stepped back and nonchalantly walked back to her car THAT WAS PARKED IN MY DRIVEWAY with the large man still sitting in the passenger side. They sped off. 

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