A Texas concealed carry permit holder came to the aid of a woman who was getting assaulted by a knife-wielding carjacker last week.

Texas Concealed Carry Holder Saves The Day

NBC affiliate KCBD reports that the unidentified woman and her boyfriend were in the process of loading their car in Littlefield for an outing when they were suddenly approached by a man later identified as 25-year-old Ruben Garcia Lopez. Lopez, armed with a knife, shouted that it was his car and proceeded to launch a physical assault on the couple.

The woman’s children were in the vehicle during the attack. She attempted to get them out of the car, to no avail.

As the assault continued, the couple’s neighbor, Adam Armstrong, happened to be arriving back home in his truck. When he witnessed what was happening, he grabbed his legally owned handgun, got out of the truck and pointed it at Lopez.

“He got to the driveway and pulled a knife, so I grabbed my pistol,” Armstrong said.

Lopez shouted obscenities at the neighbor, but moved away from the woman and her family.


Moments later, an officer with the Littlefield Police Department arrived on the scene. Lopez then dropped his knife and started attacking the officer, who was able to gain the upper hand and eventually place Lopez in handcuffs.

Lopez was taken to a hospital for medical treatment, and then transported to Lamb County Jail. He’s been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, assault causing bodily harm, terroristic threat and resisting arrest.

Armstrong said he’s grateful he didn’t have to pull the trigger during the incident.

“My house didn’t become a crime scene, and now I don’t have a young man’s blood on my hands,” he said.

Incidents like these are the exact reason Armstrong decided to get his Texas concealed carry permit about six months ago.

“I have always believed in my rights as an American, and I have always believed in my rights to be safe,” Armstrong said.

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